Saltwater Fish As Opposed to Freshwater Fish

There are two kinds of fish which are generally seen. One is the type which inhabits the salty water of oceans and seas. These are known as saltwater fish and the other is the fresh water fish. The former are also known as marine fish and are present in vibrant color combination’s. These fish live in a very stable atmosphere and hence are very vulnerable to even the slightest change in their environment. They are unable to adapt to sudden changes in the water or the temperature. The saltwater fish need more water to maintain the salt balance.

The term “fish” most often refers to any “non-tetra pod craniate (an animal with a skull and in most cases a backbone) that has gills throughout its life and whose limbs, if any, are in the shape of fins.” A typical fish is ecto-thermic and has a streamlined body for rapid swimming. It extracts oxygen from water using the gills and two sets of paired fins, skin covered with scales and lays eggs.

On the other hand, the fresh water fish can adapt to subtle changes in the water conditions. These fish have more salt content in their body than the water they live in. Both kinds of fish differ in their food habits too and it is generally known that the saltwater fish are more particular about their food.

Physical Appearance:
Marine fish are easily distinguishable from the freshwater ones. The former is more colorful, pretty and very attractive. The freshwater ones tend to be on the duller side and are most often monotonously colored. The beat example cited for this difference could be the clown fish which are very bright with dark colorful markings as compared to goldfish which are seen in single color and are also devoid of any specific pattern.

Difference in the Price:
Saline fish prove to be expensive as compared to the freshwater fish. One of the reasons behind this is the availability and ease of breeding of the freshwater fish. They are more convenient to breed and you can catch them in the wild. Saltwater fish have to be nurtured and bred with care which makes them slightly pricey.

Salty fish tanks require much more maintenance as opposed to the fresh water aquarium. The former also needs constant water quality checks to keep the salinity levels in balance so that the saltwater fish can tolerate and adapt to the saline atmosphere. Such kinds of tanks also require salts to be dissolved in the tank at regular intervals which can be sometimes a hassle for the owner.

Freshwater fish can be bred in smaller confines whereas the saline fish need larger spaces to breed. The saltwater fish do not easily adapt to changed water environments and can perish if not given the appropriate kind of water. The freshwater fish are sturdier and can sustain changes in the water environments.

Thus, breeding and maintaining a saltwater aquarium can be quite a task if one is inclined to breed these colorful beauties. At the same time it can also be a costly affair too which would require quite a lot of time and patience. The beauty of the saltwater fish can only be enhanced and maintained if proper care is taken of the water, the salt content level and the general well being of the fish.

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