Bright Future Still Ahead For New Orleans Fishing

Known for its’ huge number of beautiful, fruitful waterways, Louisiana has long been considered for fishing one of the crown jewels for angling in the United States. Each year, visitors flock to the waterways from not only all across the country, but from all corners of the world, fishing poles in hand, waiting to take away a memory of the unparalleled New Orleans fishing scene. The fans range from the most experienced sportsmen to newbies just wanting to give it a try and soak up a bit of the state’s undeniable natural beauty..

Even if 2010 has not been the ideal climate for the Gulf Coast, not too much has changed in this area where food, fun, and life on the water is simply a way of life. Although the recent crisis that has hit the waters of the Gulf Coast has certainly given both amateur and professional fishermen cause for concern, there is every reason to be optimistic about the future. In true Louisiana spirit, those who love the water and the sport are not giving up their passion because of a setback, and it is encouraging that each day, more and more waterways are being re-opened to Gulf Coast fishermen. In fact, July saw the re-opening of much of the state’s recreational fishing territory, as the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission overrode almost all recreational inshore fishing closures. These decisions were based upon scientific studies that returned very low levels of contamination, and tests that determined Louisiana’s seafood was again safe to eat.

To the frustration of fishermen throughout the state, the newly opened waterways were again closed, and in fact, expanded to match the areas that are closed to commercial fishermen. However, this is not an indication of bad news, since high ranking officials have publicly stated that the closing of the waters has nothing to do with new concern over the safety of the area’s seafood consumption, or due to any negative environmental changes. While inconvenient to Louisiana’s anglers, it does not reflect bad news regarding the state’s waterways, but was simply a choice made for the sake of consistency.

While many people are frustrated at this choice, made from a bureaucratic standpoint rather than one of any public safety risk, those that love the state can take heart in knowing that conditions are improving, and re-opening of many waterways is likely to happen sooner rather than later. There is not much that can break the spirit of those who live, work, and visit the Gulf Coast each year, and for now, it seems everyone is largely determined to see the area restored to its’ natural splendor and beauty—even if it means a delay in returning to a favored fishing hole.

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